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15mm 1/100th Command Decision Update

New Products:

"Weapons Packs" 

now part of the Vehicle Stowage & Accessories Range:

.30 cal, .50 cal, MG34 & MG42
All now available!!

Featured Range:

Russian BRDM2 Armoured Car Series

All the hulls have been recently remoulded as one piece resin castings including wheels but this time hollow and NOT as solid blocks, filled in between the wheels. Turrets and fittings still in white metal.

We've started working through the BTR60s in the same way. The solid cast versions did not prove popular and are being replaced by hollow cast models. We'll highlight it here when they're all done.

The last few of the solid cast BRDM2 are now
"Reduced to Clear" @ £4ea
(Click on the picture to go straight to the product)

Recent remoulds:

Hummel 150mm Self-propelled Gun

Nashorm 88mm Self-propelled Anti-tank Gun

"One you might have missed !"

PW740 BTR152

Sneak Preview!! Coming Soon!

Israeli "Zelda" up-armoured M113 APC



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