Hincliffe 20mm WW2 10 man Figure Packs - Lancer Miniatures.  Website: lancerminiatures.com
Hinchcliffe 20mm WW2 Vehicles and Equipment Range - Shellhole Scenics & Early War Miniatures.  Websites:  www.shellholescenics.co.uk and earlywarminiatures.com
Red Eagle 1/144 scale WW1 Aircraft and 1/1250 Napoleanic, Transitional Steam, ACW and Ironclad ships - Red Eagle Miniatures.  Website: www.redeagleminiatures.co.uk
Micro 1/300 scale Tanks and Aircraft Range, 1/600 Coastal Forces ship range - Heroics & Ros.  Website: www.heroicsandros.co.uk
Davco 1/3000th scale ships, Triton 1/1250 Modern warships and Triton 1/1250 Harbour Ranges, Meridian 1/700 Trafalgar, WWII and Modern Warships - Navy Models & Books - Website:  www.navymodelsandbooks.co.uk